200W Led Fresnel Studio Light

200W Led Fresnel Studio Light is a 200W LED spotlight with high efficiency. Brightness is guaranteed with high efficiency and is fixed with an incandescent lamp with a capacity of 200W. Adopts an effective optical lens, with special heat dissipation design, to make the light foggy, small stray light, not dazzling, more pleasant. Suitable for use in stores, shopping malls, museums,... The inside uses a large area full copper radiator, good heat dissipation, which ensures the life of the LED, and almost because there is no infrared radiation, it has greatly improved the working environment.

200W Led Fresnel Studio Light

Power: 200W

Light output 2m: 12500lx (spot) / 5200lx (flood)

Color temperature: 5600K | CRI 95+ RA

Adjustable beam angle from 15° to 60°

Smart thermal cooling design, no fans, noise-free

Size & weight: 33 x 48 x 52 cm | 11.5 kg

Similar housing to Junior Fresnel 2000W

Local & DMX512 control