230W 7R Moving Head Beam Light

230W 7R Moving Head Beam Light Designed with a dual prism transfer head, the 7R Beam 230W has become the new standard of the first beam transfer. This is the small version of the start up of our full beam 7R dual prism input.

230W 7R Moving Head Beam Light has 7R 230w lamp as light source (2000 hours), 13 colors/white, 14 gobos/open, 7-sided and 24-sided rotating prism, compact and light design. In addition, the 230W 7R Moving Head Beam Light has also been upgraded to provide high light and even coverage, adjustable light and mechanical focus control. In addition, 230W 7R Moving Head Beam Light has super fast, accurate positioning and motor speed and has become the best-selling and most requested product for all manufacturing companies. This is a complete option for the application to permanently set up and lease production.

230W 7R Moving Head Beam Light

Rated voltage: 100V-240V/50-60Hz

Light source: 230W

Color temperature correction: 8500K

Average life: 1500H

Number of channels: 16CH

Control mode: international standard DMX512 control, master-slave mode, self-propelled mode

Display interface: the use of widescreen LCD in English

Lens: Enti-reflective coated glass lens

Color: with 14 colors+blank with full color or half color function, also has imported insulation film

Dynamic pattern: a fixed pattern wheel with 7 rotating pattern plus white, variable speed jitter bi-directional flow effect.

Strobe: 0-13times/second.


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