350W Moving Head Light Beam (17R)

350W Moving Head Light Beam (17R) is the latest Beam line on the market today with many breakthrough improvements in internal features to make the lights brighter, smoother motion and more beautiful lighting effects than with other beam lights on the market.

The lamp has a very powerful 350W 17R bulb with an intelligent photoelectric reset correction system installed on the lamp and random random movement can be automatically resumed to the original position, this type of lamp has a very long lamp life (over 2000h)

The lens system on the lamp is a 5D optical lens with 6 extremely durable anti-reflective coatings, for scratch and mildew resistance. This color coating has the same refractive index as the lens, so it feels transparent when viewed. Thanks to that, the light shining through the lens is not scattered or reduced in intensity. The focal length of this lens is variable, allowing the user to easily focus or diverge light beams at various distances

350W Moving Head Light Beam (17R)

Voltage: AC100-240V 5060HZ

Power: 500W

Light Source: Osram 350W ballast

Eletrical ballast mode color: one color plate, 13 color plates

White Light Pattern: one fixd pattern plate, 13 pattern + white light prism, two rotatable prisms, a 16-prism and a 32 prism

Atomization: Gradient atomization, staining angle 5-30 degree

Atroboscopic: 0.5-14 times per second, multiple stroboscopic effects optics

Horizontal 540 degrees, 8/16 bit resolution, vertical 270 degree, 8/16 bit resolution features

Net weight: 18kg