380W Moving Head Light Beam (20R)

Referring to the latest technology of beam lights in China and abroad to improve the quality of the 380W Moving Head Light Beam (20R), it took us more than 6 months to upgrade the old lamp and produce it. lamps like today with sharp moving light designed by experienced engineers

In addition to simplifying each complex modular assembly system, Brighter Lighting must also ensure that all functions are performed, similar to our 350W Moving Head Light Beam (17R), luminaires. This 20R is low cost, high quality and has a compact module structure, the space between modules is designed to be cooled for long-term use. What's more, the light comes packed with additional benefits including 14 fixed gobos and 17 colors. 2 prism effect with 1 : 16 sided Prism 2: 48 sided prism adds a rainbow effect.

380W Moving Head Light Beam (20R)

Voltage: AC100-240V 5060HZ

Power: 650W

Light Source: Osram 380W ballast

Eletrical ballast mode color: one color plate, 13 color plates

White Light Pattern: one fixd pattern plate, 13 pattern + white lightprism, two rotatable prisms, a 16-prism and an 8+15+24 prism

Atomization: Gradient atomization, staining angle 5-30 degree

Atroboscopic: 0.5-14 times per second, multiple stroboscopic effects optic

Horizontal 540 degrees, 8/16 bit resolution, vertical 270 degree, 8/16 bit resolution features

Net weight: 18kg