Promax Launches A New Product: Column Speaker Cls404

  • 30/03/2019.
  • Column speakers are speakers with outer shells made from many different materials such as aluminum or wood, etc. Depending on the requirements of consumers, the production units will create a suitable speaker. To help you understand more about this product line and some other related information, here Promax will share a few lines of column speakers that are receiving a lot of attention from users, if you have any ideas. If you are planning to buy a column speaker, these will be extremely useful suggestions.  

    What is a Column Speaker?
    Column speakers are quite special and new speakers that have just appeared on the market today, this speaker line has a rather fancy shape with outstanding height and is as compact as the neck of a deer or a pole. It is referred to by many manufacturers and consumers as column speakers. The column speaker line has a rather ethereal design and does not take up much space, so it often comes in pairs and is set up symmetrically and oriented slightly inward to aim at the listener in the most optimal way.

    The Role Of Stage Column Speakers In m Bar System
    Column speakers are speakers that are designed with many drivers inside, so they will produce a lot of sound paths and that means that the speakers have an extremely superior sound reverberation ability. The column speaker assumes the main sound in the left and right channels with the center speaker in the sound system, this speaker line has deep bass and built-in treble, so when combined with other speaker lines in the sound system, it will produce a unique sound. The overall sound is harmonious, unique and top-notch to meet all entertainment needs for the best sound quality, so it can be said that column speakers play a great role in supporting the creation of a sound source. value and class.

    The column speaker line is considered quite suitable when used as karaoke speakers, movie speakers, speakers for rental events, exhibitions, small tea rooms or churches ...

    Understanding the importance of column speakers, Promax has put CLS404 into operation and has been widely welcomed and used by customers. The CLS404 series is a column speaker series designed for demanding meeting rooms, which can also be used for home theater rooms. The exterior housings are all made from aluminum and the finish is available in any color.

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