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  • 30/03/2019.
  • Amusement parks or parks are places where many people gather and many activities take place. Therefore, installing a sound system is extremely necessary. In the following article, Promax audio would like to introduce to customers a simple and effective solution for installing sound in the entertainment area.  

    Why should you install a sound system for an amusement park?
    Most amusement parks have a large area, divided into many different areas/amusement facilities such as a Swimming pool, garden, parking lot, and stage,... And at each zone In that different area, audio equipment plays a different role. Here are three reasons why you should install an amusement park audio solution.

    ✔ Play entertaining background music
    Let's go back to "The purpose you want to go to the amusement park". Do you come to have fun, enjoyment, and de-stress after hours of stressful work? Music is always one of the important factors affecting the mood of customers. If any amusement park meets and satisfies its entertainment needs, the likelihood of returning and the number of new customers will increase greatly.

    Things to note when installing an amusement park sound system
    ✔ Install the system suitable for the terrain of the amusement park
    The amusement park has many different models, indoor, outdoor, or a combination of both. Therefore, the topographic survey in advance to select and arrange equipment is the first important thing.

    In the outdoor area, choose waterproof speakers to limit wear and tear due to weather changes. If installed in a house with plaster ceilings, ceiling speakers will be a perfect choice.

    ✔ Install a sound system suitable for the area of ​​​​the play area
    The area of ​​each amusement park varies from large to small. Not just placing a lot of speakers will produce good sound quality. But it is necessary to consider and arrange the appropriate location so that the sound is distributed most evenly so that customers going to every corner can hear the music and information from that amusement park.

    For a large area, the division of multiple speaker zones is essential. Depending on the area, calculating the appropriate number of speakers not only ensures sound quality but also avoids noise pollution and unnecessary financial waste.

    ✔ Install sound to ensure aesthetics
    The amusement park is the place where customers stop by to find fun and comfort. Therefore, it is not possible to place the unsightly speakers. That's why rock speakers and many other speaker designs are so popular today.

    ✔ Brand synchronization between devices
    There are many different brands of sound system equipment available today. Each company has its unique advantages and disadvantages. The selection of equipment in the amusement park sound system of the same brand will help with compatibility and synchronization, the devices support each other to create the most effective operation.

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